Discover the Ultimate in Heavy-Duty Tandem Trailers at Xtreme Trailers, Sydney’s Premier Source for Quality Trailers

Are you on the lookout for a heavy-duty tandem trailer capable of tackling substantial loads with ease? Look no further! Xtreme Trailers, a trusted name in the trailer industry, presents its Premium Heavy-Duty Tandem Box Trailer, designed and constructed to the highest standards for durability and reliability. Built tough and built to last, our tandem trailers are the ideal choice for those demanding heavy-duty hauling tasks.

Our heavy-duty tandem trailers undergo rigorous testing and certification, ensuring compliance with RVSA requirements and strict adherence to the Australian Design Rules (ADRs). This commitment to quality and safety makes Xtreme Trailers the go-to destination for those in search of dependable and robust tandem trailers for sale in Sydney.

Versatility in Sizes and Configurations:

Explore our range of tandem trailers, available in various sizes to meet your specific hauling needs. Choose from our versatile line up, including the popular 8×5 Tandem Trailer, ideal for those seeking a compact yet robust hauling solution. If you require a bit more space, consider the 8×6 Tandem Trailer, providing additional capacity without compromising on durability.

For those with larger cargo requirements, our 10×5 Tandem Trailer offers ample space while maintaining the strength needed for heavy-duty tasks. Alternatively, the 10×6 Tandem Trailer is designed for those who demand even greater dimensions for their hauling projects.

Looking for the pinnacle of size and strength? Our 12×6 Tandem Trailer is the go-to choose, offering a spacious platform that excels in handling substantial loads. Each size variant is crafted with precision, adhering to the highest standards to ensure durability and reliability in every journey.

Discover the perfect tandem trailer size for your hauling demands, whether it’s the compact 8×5, the spacious 12×6, or any size in between. At Xtreme Trailers, we cater to your diverse needs with a comprehensive range of sizes, providing you with the flexibility to choose the tandem trailer that precisely fits your requirements.

Key Features of Xtreme Trailers’ Premium Heavy-Duty Tandem Box Trailer:

Hot-Dipped Galvanization: Corrosion resistance is enhanced with this feature, ensuring the longevity of the tandem trailer.

Fully Welded Body and Chassis: Maximum strength is achieved through a fully welded body and chassis, providing durability and robustness.

Removable Front and Rear Drop-Down Gates: Loading and unloading become hassle-free with easily detachable gates, adding convenience to your hauling tasks.

Welded Ladder Racks Holders: Securely transport ladders with welded holders, offering stability and preventing unnecessary movement during transit.

Two Heavy-Duty Locking Points on the Drawbar: Enhanced security is provided with dual heavy-duty locking points on the drawbar, safeguarding your cargo during transportation.

Checker Plate Floor: The inclusion of a checker plate floor adds an extra layer of durability, ensuring the trailer can withstand heavy loads and rough conditions.

Tie-Down Rails All Around: Secure cargo transport is facilitated with tie-down rails positioned strategically around the trailer, offering versatile options for securing different types of loads.

Choice of Coupling: Tailor the trailer to your specific needs with the option of either a 50mm 2000kg Over-ride Coupling or a 50mm 3500kg Electric Coupling, providing flexibility based on your hauling requirements.

8” Swing-Up Jockey Wheel: Maneuvering the trailer becomes easier with the 8” swing-up jockey wheel, adding convenience during hitching and unhitching.

Tail Light with LED Illumination: The inclusion of a tail light with LED illumination enhances visibility, ensuring safety on the road and compliance with regulations.

This comprehensive set of standard features distinguishes our heavy-duty tandem trailers, making them a standout choice in terms of durability, security, and user-friendly design.

Wide Range of Trailers for Sale:

At Xtreme Trailers, we pride ourselves on offering more than just heavy-duty tandem trailers. Our extensive product range includes Beyond Hydraulic Tandem Tipper Trailers and ATV Trailers, ensuring that we have a trailer to cater to diverse needs. Whether you’re in need of boat and jetski trailers, box trailers, cattle/livestock crate trailers, hydraulic tipper trailers, flat top trailers, flat bed trailers, tradesman trailers, canvas covers, or aluminium toolboxes, Xtreme Trailers has you covered. Whatever your hauling or storage requirements, we have the perfect solution.

Get in touch with Xtreme Trailers today to discover your perfect Car or ATV trailer. Call us at 02 7908 5573 or email for a quick and obligation-free quote. Our expert team is here to guide you in choosing a trailer that suits your budget and needs. Quality meets affordability at Xtreme Trailers.

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